Cutting-edge Surgeries Using Augmented Reality

iStock_000015704019XSmallCutting-edge Surgeries Using Augmented Reality

On October 25th surgeons from the Department of General, Endocrine and Vascular Surgery, Medical University of Warsaw – Małgorzata Szostek, Wawrzyniec Jakuczun, Natalia Wrzesińska and Sebastian Willenberg performed two endovascular aortic aneurysms repairs (EVAR) with the use of augmented reality goggles – Microsoft HoloLens. That were one of the first that kind of procedures in the world.
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The first primates cloned using „Dolly sheep” method

iStock_000015704019XSmallThe first primates cloned using „Dolly sheep” method

Two crab-eating macaques (Macaca fascicularis), named Zhong Zhong and Hua Hua, are genetically identical. Cloning of primates by somatic cell nuclear transfer method has been successfully completed, as the scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences say in the Cell magazine. The monkeys birth is one of the biggest scientific breakthroughs. Are human next for being cloned?

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Is gluten really not responsible for bloating?

iStock_000015704019XSmallIs gluten really not responsible for bloating?

A lot of gluten-free alternatives to traditional food products have been available on the market recent years. Has gluten intolerance become fashionable? Ten percente of the world’s population declare, that they experience bloating and abdominal pain after gluten- containing products consumption. Meanwhile, gastro-intestinal complaints, for which gluten has been blamed so far, can actually be caused by fructans – as the Norwegian researchers inform in the latest issue of “Gastroenterology”.

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Influence of gut microbiota on the structure of brain and human emotions.

iStock_000015704019XSmallInfluence of gut microbiota on the structure of brain and human emotions.

The more we learn about microorganisms that inhabit our organism, the more we realize how great influence they have on various aspects of our life, starting from our physical health and mental wellbeing as far as our thoughts and emotions. According to the recent studies of international group of scientists, there is a correlation between gut microbiological profile and function of the brain, which can result in different emotional reactions. Scientists claim, that it is the first evidence found for behavioral differences related to microbiome among healthy humans. The study was published in Psychosomatic Medicine.
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International Conference of Natural and Medical Sciences, Young Scientists, PhD Students and Students

Conference combined with training workshops will be held on December 1st, 2017 to December 3rd, 2017 in Lublin. Presentations of the participants’ work will be shown during the Conference. Also, interesting and free trainings as well as integration party will be held. Read full text »

Ketogenic diet may increase memory and prolong life

A ketogenic diet (KD), known as a keto diet is the most extreme Low-carbohydrate diet (LCD). The goal is to get more calories from protein and fat than from carbs. When carbohydrate intake is very low the body shifts from using glucose as the main fuel source, to break down protein and fat for energy producing ketones, causing ketosis.

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Nicotine as potential treatment for sarcoidosis

medical doctor looking at x-ray picture of lungs in hospitalSarcoidosis is one of the systemic diseases and is characterized by the formation of small inflammatory lumps (granulomas). It’s radiological image is very similar to other diseases, so it is often mistaken for cancer, lymphoma, tuberculosis and fungal diseases. Read full text »

Does the meningococcal vaccine also protect against gonorrhea?

iStock_000015704019XSmallDoes the meningococcal vaccine also protect against gonorrhea?

According to the World Health Organization, about 78 million new cases of gonorrhea are reported each year. An infection caused by Neisseria gonorrhoeae becomes very hard to treat. Increasing incidence of sexually transmitted diseases and resistance to common antibiotics force scientists to search for new treatments and prevention methods. So far, there is no commercially available vaccine againts N. gonorrhoeae , but recent research from New Zealand can change that. The scientists reported, that B-MeNZB® meningococcal vaccine used in 2004-2008 can prevent of gonorrhea. The results of the study were published in Lancet.

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Regular alcohol drinking may reduce the risk of diabetes

iStock_000015704019XSmallRegular alcohol drinking may reduce the risk of diabetes

Danish researchers have examined the association between drinking patterns and the risk of type 2 diabetes in men and women. More than 70 000 individuals participated in the study. Self- reported questionnaires were used to obtain information on frequency of alcohol drinking and consumption of wine, beer or spirits. Overall average weekly alcohol intake was calculated and then compiled with national data on type 2 diabetes frequency. Analysis indicates that frequent consumption (i.e. several times a week) of moderate amounts of alcohol is associated with the lower risk of diabetes. It has been also confirmed, that the frequency of consumption has significantly greater impact on the probability of illness than drinks amount.

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Breast implants protect against bullets from firearms

iStock_000015704019XSmallBreast implants protect against bullets from firearms

The results of a very interesting analysis were published in the latest issue of „Journal of Forensic Sciences”. Christopher J. Pannucci, a plastic surgeon, has argued that breast implants can protect women from the effects of gunshot injuries.

Millions of American women are after implantation of breast enlargement inserts. Only in 2016, over 450,000 of such procedures were made. Firearms violence contributes almost 8% of overall violent crime in US. It results in more than 1200 women each year being exposed to gunshot wounds (including fatal ones). So, can implants not only improve the quality of life, but also save it?

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