Surgicon 2021 - “Davos for Surgeons”

Surgicon 2021 - “Davos for Surgeons”

Organizador: Surgicon
Sede: Online, -
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Fecha: desde: 2021-05-05 hasta: 2021-05-07
Cuota: 150 - 550 EUR
Programa: vista
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Surgicon was established in Sweden 2010 and is an international network of surgeons, experts in instructional design and engaged stakeholders with different backgrounds, working together towards scientifically validated surgical training methods, for the benefit of every patient on an operating table.
Our hypotheses: Well structured and scientifically validated surgical training might reduce the time to form a new independent surgeon and might also reduce costs and suffering from avoidable surgical errors. These two ideas have to be subjected to scientific studies to be validated.
We wish to inspire more scientific research on surgical training, certification & re-certification procedures. We also intend to gather validated data in this limited research field, to create an open source of information for interested followers.

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