Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy is to regulate the way the Administrator treats information, including the personal data of MEDtube Users, as well as other information resulting from the usage of MEDtube. The present Policy describes major Procedures of privacy protection applied by the Administrator. The document constitutes an integral part of the Terms of Use and the contract the User concludes when registering in MEDtube.

Personal Data

1. The service provider administrates the personal data provided by the User during the registration process.

2. Providing the personal data, the User:

a) declares that they are authentic,

b) agrees for the processing of the personal information by the Administrator in order to manage the Account and provide the services properly.

3. Each User may review his/her personal information, and edit as well as remove it. This right should be available directly on the Website or by a written request sent to

4. With the exception of particular cases admitted by the law, the Administrator is not allowed to disclose the personal data to any third parties.

5. The Administrator reserves the right to commit management of the personal data to entrusted partners. The Administrator shall remain committed that the safety of the personal data is guaranteed at the highest level of the European Union regulations and standards.

6. The removal of the personal data requested by the User shall result in ceasing further service provision, and is equal to a complete removal of the User’s account from MEDtube.

7. The Administrator holds no responsibility for illegal users' activities, in particular for collecting the personal data and processing them.

8. The Administrator holds no responsibility for sharing the personal data by unauthorized individuals, if such was not accepted by the Administrator or was executed in accordance with the Terms of Use or in accordance with the law.


1. Website Browsing

The content is available for both registered and unregistered users. Some of the content is open and some is available only to registered Users (healthcare professionals). In order to browse the content with limited access, it is neccessary to register as a healthcare professional (doctor, nurse, paramedic, student etc.).

2. User Account

Some of the activities on the Website, such as uploading/adding Files or writing Comments/Posts require the Registration of a User Account and are available only to Logged Users. In order to register on the Website the User needs to enter some personal information, including e-mail and password. They are used to protect the account from unauthorized access.

3. Usage of the User Account

The Administrator can register information about the Users’ use of the Website, in particular:

a) information about other Users that the given User communicates with,

b) information about the content of the Website viewed by the User,

c) information about the elements of the Website viewed by the User.

4. In order to ensure proper quality of service, the Administrator may place a tag (also referred to as a web beacon), e-mail address of the customer service department in HTML messages or other sent messages to confirm their delivery.

5. Content Upload

All Personal Information, Posts and Comments made available online by the User, including the information published on the User Account, can be stored and employed by other Users.

Content Utilization

1. Personal Information published on the Website may be used to maintain, share and improve the Website, as well as process all the Content published within particular Units.

2. The Personal Data is not employed to send unsolicited commercial information without the User’s prior consent.

3. The administrator uses cookies, web beacons, and information logs to, in particular:

a) save the User’s information so that it does not have to be entered again during subsequent visits on the Website,

b) provide custom, personalized content and information,

c) monitor aggregate metrics, such as total number of visitors and pages viewed.

Cookie Policy

1. The key reasons we use Cookies are to:
  • provide you with services you have requested,
  • show you relevant content,
  • ensure that our Websites function properly,
  • understand how you use our Websites,
  • remember your log-in details.
​​2. The following types of Cookies are set when you access our Websites:
  • Necessary Cookies - These cookies are essential for the Websites to operate. Without these cookies, services you have asked for, cannot be provided.
  • Functional Cookies -These cookies recognise you when you return to the Websites. They remember information (such as your username and region), enabling us to remember your preferences and display relevant content when you return.
  • Analytical Cookies - These cookies collect information about how visitors use and engage with the Websites (such as the most visited pages), helping us to make improvements to the Websites.

Public Data

1. After the creation of the User Account, some information about the User and his/her activity shall be available to other Users of the Website. This information may include, among others, the date of opening the account, name, surname, nickname, country, and number and type of files published.

2. During various activities performed on the Website other users can see the name of the User Account or name and surname, depending on the User Account Settings. Users can communicate with one another writing Posts/Comments on a given Account.

3. All materials published by the User may be redistributed using the Internet or other channels, viewed by other Users, and become widely available in a manner chosen by the Administrator.

Privacy Settings

Having an account, a Registered User can update or correct information concerning his/her personal profile at any time, insofar as it is allowed by the Account’s functionality.

Advertising Policy

1. One of the Business Purposes of the Website Administrator is to publish targeted and useful advertisements. In order to do that the Administrator employs, among others, cookies and other companies’ advertising systems. Different information may be used to ensure the appearance of appropriate advertisements, including cookies, web beacons, IP addresses, usage statistics and other non-personal information about the User’s computer or device (such as browser type and operating system). When logged in on the Website, the User can also display advertisements based on the Account information.

2. The Administrator employs, among others, cookies which enable advertisers and publishers to display and manage advertisements on the Website and other partner websites. Advertisements may be displayed according to interests identified based on online activity information which do not allow the User’s identification. Such information includes, among others, details about the displayed contents. Advertisements may also be displayed based on a previous activity on the advertiser’s website. Such information, which do not allow the User’s identification, are stored separately from the User Account data and other information owned by the Administrator which allow the User’s identification.

3. Other advertising companies may display advertisements on the Website, provided that they meet the Administrator’s advertising requirements. The Administrator does not provide any personal information to foreign servers or networks of these companies without the User’s consent. To get more information about the practices of using foreign servers and networks as well as instructions on how to withdraw the consent, please refer to the privacy policies applied by the administrators of these servers. MEDtube Privacy Policy is not applicable in this case. The Administrator does not have the ability to control the activities of other advertisers carried out on websites. Any data obtained by third-party advertising servers and made available to the Website shall be processed in accordance with the present Privacy Policy.

Additional Information

1. The Administrator complies with Polish regulations on secure storage of personal data.

2. For more information about our privacy protection policies, please contact the Administrator at, or use the form available on the website: